Sunday, February 18, 2018

Down to the wire

I'm feeling the pressure, I can do this, I can make this happen. I may have a to take a sick day....but we'll see.  Shower date is Mar 4, I have two more Saturday's to get this baby quilted.  I want to learn to do ribbon candy.  My plan to master ribbon candy will be print out about a 50 diamonds and doodling any time I can. Mtgs at work, when they get  a little boring and slow (they're talkers at the office....) I'll just pull out a diamond or two, give it a go.  I'll print some out that I like already done as well, try tracing them, try getting a little muscle memory going.  I can do this, I just know it.  If I can't get this down by Saturday or don't feel brave enough to try on the baby's first quilt, I'll substitute a different fill. But it's gonna happen this year, this is the year I learn to do ribbon candy!  So sweet little Emma's top is on the frame and started.  I can't wait to meet her.
Baby Jedi, Hobbs 80/20 batting Glide thread on top

Tops done, now to get her quilted

And in case anything happens at all, I've got a back up quilt.  This is a proper finish, binding and all!!  This one has Hobbs Wool batting (I had a scrap big enough for a baby quilt, that's the good thing about getting the king size rolls), HabandDash Glide 60wt thread on top and in bobbin.  One color thread, white, and it looks great, really blends in well everywhere.
Bundle of Love Panel - Northcott fabrics

I just heard my Old Friends was accepted in the MQX New England show, kinda exciting, but this means I ****REALLY**** need to get the binding on.  Binding and label by March 15 so I can ship by March 20.  I can do it.  Not sure how, but I'm certain it will come to me.  Hoping the force will stay with me even after Emma's quilt it done.

Hope every has a great week! Check out the linky parties in the side bar, so many wonderful creations out there.  

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Baby Jedis

I'm going to need to sew like a Jedi if I want to get this one done by the shower on Mar 4.  I love the little pink diaper on Baby Darthette, and the bow.  I'm using the Accuquilt triangle die for this one.  I found some clip art on line, printed, traced and that is how a quilt is born.  I need to the force to be with me to get this one finished.
Yes Emma you can be Yoda
But in case the force doesn't show up and I can't quilt like a Jedi, I've got a back up quilt.  It's a panel, it's cheating, but it's really cute.  I know I can get this one done for the shower.
Back up panel quilt in case I can't find the force 

We had a bit of snow here this weekend, so I decided the best thing was for me to stay off the roads and just quilt the weekend away.  I finished this guy by 10am on Saturday.  I'm gonna miss those sweet little panda eyes looking up at me.  Dorothy made this for one of her grand daughters.  She has twin grand daughters coming soon.  How exciting!

Oh and look at this design wall, looks like I'll have to finish something, cuz nothing else is gonna fit.

Hope everyone has a great week. Check out the link parties on the side bar, lots of gorgeous quilting goodness out there.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Feb Fizzle.....

January, where are you?  I miss you and all your quilty goodness.  Feb has been such a fizzle on the quilting.  All I have to show is Dorthy's quilt on the frame. But seriously it's a cute one right?  This guy made me smile all day on Sunday.
This guy makes me giggle
And on Friday and Saturday, these guys made me smile.  Got up bright and early on Saturday morning (forgot how early little ones get up) to watch Mickey and the Roadster's before we headed down to the kitchen for blueberry pancakes.
Mesmerized by Mickey and the Roadsters, it was a cliff hanger I must say
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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Boo Boo blocks turn into New Friends

Oh boy, can you believe I have 2 finishes? Yep, not one but TWO!! There's more, much more.  Bindings - 5 of them, woohoo!!! Talk about doing a happy dance.  I'm all caught up with the exception of one binding and *maybe* if I feel industrious I'll get that on tonight, but if not, I'm basking in the glory of 5 bindings on quilts and no longer on my cutting table.  This guy here, he's the one without a binding.  The last of the Comfort Quilt drive from 2016.  We made 17 and this is the last one quilted, the last one to need a binding, feels sooooooooo goooooooooddd!  This guy has Hobbs Poly Down batting, ya, a little bit of loft here eh?  But it looks great with this panto, Arris by Jessica Schick.  Glide 40 wt on top and 60 wt on the bottom, love the 60 wt in the bobbin.  I just love a graphic quilting design on solids. Good thing I got these all wrapped up, cuz Hands2Help Challenge is about to start up again, see the button on the side bar.  You won't want to miss it!

Will you look at that texture?  Love graphic patterns on solids - Jessica Schick Arris

Great use of the extra 2.5 in strips from binding

the back - how fun is that

 No Broken Bones Required completed, yes even the binding.  I'm just too lazy to get pics with the binding on, but trust me, it's there.  Just need to deliver this baby.  This has Poly Down batting, glide thread on top, Bottom line in the bobbin and the panto is lines with holes (really that's the name). It came with the qbot, so might be been designed by them, I tried to see if there was a designer for it, but couldn't find anything in the two minutes before distractions made it too hard to look any longer.  You can't tell with the pictures but the fabrics are gold, looks pretty cool in person.  There's some silver in there too.  I really wasn't a fan when I started but they've grown on me.
No Broken Bones Required, Hobbs Poly Down batting, Lines with Holes Pantograph, Glide Thread on top
Lines and Holes
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Cotton Sateen on the back so soft and smooth
So with all that computerized quilting going on that gave me some time for binding.  It took me a while dragging my feet, cleaning things up, dusting, vacuuming,  everything has to be JUST RIGHT for binding.  But once I finally got started there was no stopping me. Got them all done, all of them.  Phew, glad that's over, one more to go.  Well ummmmm there is that big monster Old Friends, but I need to get some material for that one.  So here' s a nice little stack of quilts that got their final stitches.  All completed and ready for the next phase of their lives.  Like my babies growing up and all that.
Look at that stack of quilts all with fresh new binding! They finish up so nicely
Now, once the binding is done and there's still computerized quilting going on what do I do now? Well that's when I look at those Boo Boo Blocks from old friends.  I made all these double nine patches the wrong size.  16 of them, yep, felt so good when they were done.  Couldn't wait to put them up with the other blocks.  Not sure why I waited for block 16 to be completed before giving it a try, but seeessshh they are way off the mark.  But now look at them, I've got a double nine patch quilt.  I'll add a couple of borders, just like the borders on Old Friends, hmmm I think I'll call this quilt New Friends.  So let me introduce you to New Friends.  I can't wait to quilt this one.

New Friends just needs a couple of borders
Finally here's a couple of quilts that were finished but never made it on the blog. I think they made instagram, but not here.   The snow ball quilt.  Have you ever gotten a Jinny Beyer quilt kit? I  swear there is twice as much fabric as needed in those (hey I'm not complaining here).  I made 3 quilts from that one kit, Three nice size quilts.  Definitely got my money from that kit, and this is the last of that fabric.  I do like to do some custom quilting on comfort quilts and this one got a little special quilting.  The center of the snow ball is computerized, Donna Kleinke Angel Wings, it worked really well, then some free hand stuff and there you have a sweet little quilt.  I think this one has Hobbs 80/20 batting
Snow Ball Comfort Quilt

Snow ball centers were computerized Donna Kleinke Angel Wings

Love the back of this one

A couple of love quilts, one has Patricia Ritter Nightlight, the other has Patricia Ritter Cupid.  Both of these have Hobbs Poly Down batting.
Moda Love Quilt
Patricia Ritter Nightlight
Patricia Ritter Cupid
Moda Love 2

Siggghhh and that's all I have for this week :)  Check out the linky parties on the side bar and go get inspired!!  Have a great week

Thursday, January 25, 2018

No Broken Bones Required

My sweet great Niece Olivia knows that I do comfort quilts for the cancer center, veterans and those in the hospital that need a good warm quilty hug.  She also likes quilts.  She also hasn't gotten a quilt from me since she was born  and has grown out of that one just tad (she's a freshman in high school - a TEENAGER, almost driving, whatttttt??? where do the years go?).  She said "so.....what do I have to break a bone or something to get another quilt?".  No, no, no honey, and thus the name of this quilt, No broken bones required.  Ya, she's been asking for a quilt for so long that I when I finally started working on this one I had to make sure the color scheme in her room was still the same and she still wanted to the gold and grey. Yep, I got it made before the color scheme changed!!  It's just a simple something that I worked on when the On Ringo Lake got to be  a bit too much and I just needed to sew.  Now to get her quilted.
No Broken Bones Required
I decide to just leave Old Friends as is.  She's now trimmed and sits waiting patiently for binding.  Ugh, I so dislike binding.  I'm gonna throw this out there again, anyone  local (within an hours drive) of Crystal Lake, IL that either does binding (I'll pay) or wants to trade binding service for quilting service, just let me know. Please, please, please, don't make me put the binding on this thing :)  Here's some detailed picks a little better than the last set.  When you finish such a big quilting project like this there is definitely a sense of accomplishment.  So happy to have it done. But I also spent a good part of every single day for over 2 weeks with this old friend and now I feel just a tiny bit of sense of loss without her on the frame.  Anyone else feel that way after a really tough project?  Guess I ought to just get her done and on bed and then I'll be nice and close to this old friend again.

Whooping it up for another finish!!  I'm on a roll here.  Check out the link parties on the side bar, so much to see out there.  Have a great weekend.